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Nigel - Snivy OC by BaseKillerWolf Nigel - Snivy OC by BaseKillerWolf
Update: Nigel is now accepting questions! Simply send a note to me with the subject line 'Question for Nigel' and he'll get back to you by either note or submissions.

Name: Nigel
Gender: Male
Species: Snivy
Discerning Features: Scar along his right eye, two pinkish purple stripes along his back, one of his numerous cosplay costumes.
Nature: Quirky/Timid
Bio: Nigel is a younger Snivy who prefers spending time with his trainer rather than battling. His first ever battle (versus a Zangoose with a nasty Slash attack) resulted in the scar along his eye. After spending some time with his trainer (over video games no less), Nigel realized that he wanted to express himself without all the pressure (read: danger) of battling his way to fame. His trainer realized this and, understanding their common hobbies, made Nigel his own outfit based off of one of his favorite games. Nigel was enthralled with this and accompanied his trainer in cosplaying at a convention near his hometown. Every day, Nigel connects with his trainer by playing the latest video game together or helping make new cosplay costumes.

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August 7, 2012
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